Online Beekeeping Courses

We have three online beekeeping related courses to be taken in the following order:

1. Beekeeping: A first course for Aspiring Beekeepers
2. Background to Beekeeping: Start with Why!
3. Beginning in Beekeeping: Start Your Very First Beehive!

Please do check out the above courses.  I have included a video from course number three above.

We also have two courses on using bee products.  Please click the links below to check out the free course previews.

1. Baking with honey

2. Beeswax candle making 


Help us to build up a useful collection of resources on beekeeping available for free download such as reports and any other documents/photos which can assist beekeepers in Africa and elsewhere. Information sharing is key to beekeeping development. We would also like to know about your African traditional beekeeping systems – tell us about it – who are you, where are you and describe your hives and how you manage them………..Please e-mail materials for this archive to tcarroll at apiconsult.com

Just click on the links in the documents and resources archive and start downloading the resources for free. We also feature beekeeping books available for purchase through Amazon.com. The Apiconsult recommended books are considered very useful for beekeepers in Africa.

Apiconsult Recommended Books:

There are many books on beekeeping – all useful and interesting in their own right. In this section we aim to recommend specific books of interest to African beekeeping. This section will be expanded over time to include other useful publications/videos/CDs/DVDs etc.

This book is by Richard Jones, Director of the International Bee Research Association. The book covers different types of hives from traditional, top bar and frame hives. The book is well illustrated with good photographs and useful drawings including how to make a Kenya Top Bar Hive.

Bees and trees go together in Africa. Serious beekeepers will want to understand their bee forage plants. This book is not specifically aimed at beekeepers but will help the beginner identify trees in their area. The book is well illustrated with color photos and written in an easy to follow manner.

This book is written with a southern African perspective. It includes frame hive beekeeping as well as top bar hives. The book deals with such African beekeeping issues as the honey badger. The book also covers Queen rearing, bee plants, hive management and much more. In general a very useful book and well recommended.

General Beekeeping Books:

There is a wealth of beekeeping information available for purchase online. Although many books focus on American or European beekeeping with European bees there is much to be learned from the experiences of other beekeepers around the world.

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