Beekeeping in Ireland

I currently keep bees on two continents – African and Europe. My African bees are in Nakuru, Kenya and my Irish bees are in Co. Laois, Ireland. The two situations are of course very different. In Ireland we have too much rain and in Kenya we have too much sun sometimes! The bees are also very different in their temperament.  My Kenya bees are very defensive.  My Kenyan bees look after themselves and at the appropriate time of the year someone goes and harvests the honey (October to December).  The situation in Ireland is different with a lot more management involved.

FREE BOOK – Starting Beekeeping in Ireland – The No Nonsense Guide

Beginners guide Ireland

I finally finished the my eBook on starting beekeeping in Ireland. When restating my beekeeping in Ireland in 2015 I had a new perspective on things after a decade and a half working on beekeeping development in Africa. The book is particularly useful for Irish beekeepers but will of course be of interest to beekeepers everywhere.

The book is free to download – please click here.

All feedback on the book is welcome.

Thanks very much and happy beekeeping,

Tom Carroll

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