Background to Beekeeping – New Year Sale January 2021 (75% OFF – Offer Expires Jan. 26th 2021) 

Beekeeping has very many benefits/potential benefits.  Established beekeepers may not even be aware of all the benefits they, their family and community are getting from their beekeeping enterprise.  This course will give you a very good overview of the history and current state of bees and beekeeping around the world, the honey trade, why you should get into beekeeping, how you can benefit personally from beekeeping and how your local community and the planet will thank you as well.  The course will give you the WHY of beekeeping which is essential before you get lost in the detail of the HOW.  The course ends by giving you the first key step on the road to learning the HOW of beekeeping.

In addition to other resources included with the course there are two free downloadable beekeeping books (PDF format) for your further reference.

75% off Until January 26th 2021

Best wishes,

Tom Carroll, PhD

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